Our Story


Welcome your little one to the world with natural and organic baby care, where every product is thoughtfully crafted to nurture your little one’s delicate skin and designed to make parenting a joyous and fulfilling experience for you and your baby at an affordable price. Thread Fairy believes that every parent should have access to safe, organic baby products without compromising on quality or affordability.

Our mission is to provide you with the best of both worlds by using only natural and organic ingredients in our products, while keeping them budget-friendly. Plus, we understand that parenting is all about cherishing those adorable moments with your little ones, which is why we also offer a range of products with cute and playful designs to make your parenting journey even more memorable.

Thread Fairy was founded in 2021. Prior to that , I was working in the consulting world for about 10 years. However, it was during this time that I also became a parent and realized the need for organic, soft, and eco-friendly baby products .

After becoming a parent, I realized the importance of providing my child with the best possible products, especially when it came to anything touching her skin as she was pre mature .I really struggled to find organic, soft, and eco-friendly resources that met my standards. I began by extensively researching and sourcing the highest quality organic materials, ensuring that they were gentle on a baby’s delicate skin and were eco-friendly. I also put in the effort to create designs that were both functional and stylish, making sure that parents didn’t have to sacrifice one for the other. My daughter was the real inspiration behind the brand Thread Fairy.

My journey from working in a corporate sector, and eventually starting Thread Fairy was shaped by the unique experiences and perspectives I gained during these years. It has given me a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of different cultures, which I believe has been invaluable in my entrepreneurial journey.